Independent Social Work services

Aspire provides specialist social work assessments and family support in the South of England.  We work with courts, legal teams, local authorities, parents and carers to protect children. 

Supporting families to thrive

Our innovative approach to social work prioritises family welfare.  We complete assessments for families, ensuring they are able to stay at home and in their communities.  We also offer round the clock support and teaching with the goal of helping families stay together wherever possible.  During court proceedings, we assist parents with additional needs with a range of intermediary services.  Everything we do is focused on ensuring all children have a safe and nurturing home and that families receive support in times of need.

Providing the expertise you need

Aspire offers a variety of social care interventions, all carried out with care and competence.

Our small but mighty team comprises mental health professionals, experienced family practitioners, social workers, midwives, health visitors and qualified counsellors.  

This mix of experience has secured us a reputation for delivering high quality, insightful assessments to courts and local authorities in both public and private legal cases as well as in pre-proceedings.

We take pride in our work, recognising the value and importance of our services.

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