Intermediary & Advocacy

Court proceedings are often complex and emotive.  Aspire offers intermediary assessments and reports to determine whether families would benefit from special measures to assist their involvement and understanding during appearances at family or criminal courts.

For parents who do need extra help, we also offer practical support.  This could be court-based intermediary work, remote access support, attendance at conferences with Counsel or the provision of easy read documents.

Ensuring parents are able to follow the court process, feel informed and actively participate in proceedings is central to our care.

Meeting of pre-teen child girl and female social worker psychologist teacher at office.

Benefits of Aspire

The success of our responsive and confident service is down to the development of a strong working alliance with both the client and their legal representatives.  Getting this right, enables us to offer meaningful support at all stages of the legal process. Once we begin work with a parent, we provide:
  • A personal relationship with one named Intermediary allocated to their case
  • Consistency of service and support throughout the proceedings
  • Confidence they can follow and understand the legal process
  • A supportive and friendly ear to resolve concerns or clarify areas of confusion
  • Easy read documents, simplifying legal terminology
Intermediary services also enable judiciary and legal teams to focus on their own responsibilities inside and outside of the courtroom, knowing their clients have independent support. Read these testimonials to hear from people who’ve worked with us.
A professional child education therapist having a meeting with a kid in a family support center.


The team at Aspire is unique.  Large enough to have capacity to be robust and responsive, yet carefully selected to represent the best professional standards in social work.

We are able to deploy an impressive range of specialists in-house.  Our team includes an AHMP, experienced family support workers, social workers, midwives, health visitors and qualified counsellors.  We are particularly experienced at working with parents with additional needs or learning difficulties.

Our core strength is the rigorous infrastructure supporting our teams.  We have a robust management system to oversee and quality assure all our work.  We require a high level of qualification with every single member of staff trained in the Solihull Approach as standard.  These expectations allow us to deliver more effective, more efficient and higher quality work.


Aspire offers an enhanced Intermediary Service designed to more fully support families in need.  As well as providing assessments and reports on special measures needing consideration during court hearings, we offer a range of additional services.

Subject to reasonable limitations and risk assessment, we can also provide:

  • transport to and from the court
  • lunch and refreshments to make the experience comfortable
  • home based hearings if required

Commissioning intermediary services with Aspire usually requires approval of Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) and the agreement of the judge.