Why us?

A deep understanding of the core issues affecting any family situation is key to providing compassionate yet practical and realistic Social Work Assessments.

We’re able to deploy a range of specialist social workers from our team which provides a wide range of knowledge and expertise.

So whether there’s domestic abuse, substance misuse, sex offending or complex mental or physical health issues involved, we’ll provide someone with an intrinsic knowledge of the situation.

Our agile and responsive team is able to react quickly to the unique circumstances of each family. We can usually get started right away and complete an assessment within 8-12 weeks.


We’re a small but mighty organisation, well known within the courts and local authorities for the quality and integrity of our handpicked Independent Social Workers.  We are known for being:

  • Experienced – Every Aspire ISW is more than 5 years post-qualification
  • Responsive – Our social workers live where they work so are better able to respond to local need
  • Competitive – We follow the Legal Aid Agency’s cost structure for simple, affordable charges
  • Well-reputed – Our team is recognised for a professional, robust and consistent approach

Each member of our team signs up to Aspire’s vision statement which directs focus onto quality, rather than quantity.  We are recognised by the courts and local authorities throughout the South of England and we work to live up to our hard-earned reputation with each and every new enquiry.

Read these testimonials to hear about our clients’ experiences.


The team at Aspire is unique. Large enough to have capacity to be robust and responsive, yet carefully selected to represent the best professional standards in social work.

We are able to deploy an impressive range of specialists in-house. Our team includes an AHMP, experienced family support workers, social workers, midwives, health visitors and qualified counsellors. We are particularly experienced at working with parents with additional needs or learning difficulties.

We take a human approach which aims to add value – not just complete the basics. Aspire’s Social Work Assessments offer an exceptionally high standard of reporting and insight. This is done through a focus on relational assessment, truly getting to know families in their own environments, and then producing parent-friendly reports to further support and inform.

Our core strength comes from our ethos. Aspire’s service was built by Director Mark Sloman over a decade ago, and despite a now national footprint, his leadership is reflected throughout our team who engage with families respectfully, kindly and responsibly.


Once a court or legal team makes a request, we immediately identify the most appropriate social worker for the job in terms of both skill and location. It’s important to match the right expertise to the family to ensure the most informed and compassionate assessment.

If appointed, we’ll provide a start date immediately, and make contact with parents via a letter of instruction.

Our social worker will spend around 20-25 hours with the family over a period of weeks, either at home or during contact times, making a professional observation throughout.

Our Assessments are underpinned by a series of evidence based models including:

  • Solihull Approach
  • NSPCC Graded Care Profiles
  • Video Interaction Guidance
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Systemic Therapy Techniques

Our report is then delivered by the end of the agreed period, and is sent to the instructing solicitor following our internal Quality Assurance process.
Your Aspire ISW will always be available for any court appearance, meeting or decision making forum as required.