Working with families…

“You were clear, open and honest.  We always knew what was going well and what you were worried about.  It was great that you would always tell us what our strengths were and not just things to improve on.

Since Aspire finished with us, we still have our baby girl in our care, and our older daughter is living with us again.  I’m 6 months pregnant with another girl.  We are working with the LA but it is just a Child in Need plan – we have been told we don’t need child protection, let alone court proceedings.”

Parent, Plymouth

“ good if uncomfortable to begin with. patient and if there was anything someone thought should be improved, it was mentioned.

I only had contact of one hour twice a week. My son now lives with me full time.”

Parent, Devon

Working with local authorities…

Aspire has been so helpful in using their expertise to provide a window into this baby’s world and what his lived experiences are like.  They have also been flexible in their approach to what the family needed and were able to respond rapidly to changing environments.  

The parents were able to learn slightly different ways of working and to have these new behaviours reinforced continually to help them embed their learning.  A key factor for me, is that the evidence was gathered that demonstrated the continued need the family had for support as parents and that it was not safe to end Children’s Social Care involvement. 

The service exceeded my expectations.”

Social Worker, 2021

“Aspire well organised and created a structured plan for intervention. Ad hoc support was made available when needed. The Aspire Team was very child focused and able to focus on the lived experiences of the child to ensure that he was at the centre of planning. Aspire worked well with us to manage risks and made clear recommendations when the risks could no longer be managed in the community.

I feel that Aspire reduced the risks to the child as much as possible during a really challenging period of care planning. The focus was on the child at all times and mitigated the risk of harm.”

Social Worker, Somerset

Working with legal teams

“ mother has previously had all of her children removed from her care. She worked well with the Aspire team and made excellent progress with her parenting, resulting in a positive Parenting Assessment.

Working with Aspire helped these parents keep their child in their care.”

Case worker, Plymouth

I have found you easy and straightforward to work with, we all felt confident in what you were doing and the Judge was complimentary of the way that you worked with this family.  Thank you. 

Barrister, 2022